Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder Result : Draw

Tyson Fury Draw with D Wilder.

Controversial Split-Decision Draw in WBC World Heavyweight Title Fight 

  • Tyson Fury survives two knockdowns. 
  • ‘Gypsy King’ wins nearly every round.
  • ‘Best boxing comeback in history?’
  • Deontay Wilder shows he has serious power.

This was a fight that most thought was just a publicity stunt. It would never happen. It happened alright resulting in an enthralling draw.

Fans watched from the Staples Center, Los Angeles and on Showtime (USA) & BT Sport (UK Box Office) a boxing lesson in most rounds from Fury but was himself knocked down in the ninth and 12th rounds. 

Wilder thought it was over

In round 1: Wilder starts 3 stone lighter. Fury shows some early feints & double jabs. A big looping right from Wilder, Fury sees it coming, and backs off. 
Fury takes the opener, but it could have gone either way.

In round 2: Fury boxing beautifully early on. Late in the round goes to Deontay Wilder who lans a big right hook – Fury takes it well. These are the shots he needs to stay alert for.
Wilder takes the second round – either way again is possible though.

In round 3: Fury makes Wilder miss, lands some combinations. Looking sharp so far. Bruising around the left eye of the ‘Bronze Bomber’.

Rounds 4-8: Great work, superb boxing from Fury, he makes Deontay miss then hitting back with his punches of his own. Home fans make themselves heard with U-S-A chants. Great head movement from the Britain throughout. High, solid guard from Wilder shows his good defence.

Round 9 : Fury down 

Wilder catches Fury with a glancing blow and sends him to the canvas. Takes his time, catches his breath and back up. Another huge looping right from Wilder which luckily for Tyson misses. Fury ends the round strong however. Ten – Eight round too the Americian.

Round 10: Wilder shows his concrete chin. Fury taunts his opponent. Wilder looked exhausted after emptying the tank in round 9.

Round 11: Both fighters look tired. Steady round. Wilder 3 minutes away from his first ever loss?

ROUND 12 : huge knockdown

Right-left combination & Wilder dancing round the ring like it was all over. Tyson Fury looked absolutely finished. He hauls himself up as the referee counts to 9….Incredible.

Deontay Wilder’s face was a picture. He couldn’t believe Tyson Fury has got up from that knockdown. 

Twelve rounds of boxing : We go to the judges. Fury thinks he has got this in the bag, stands up on the corner ropes. Wilder looks a beaten man.

Judges Scorecards

  • Alejandro Rochin (Mexico) : Scores the fight 115-111 to Wilder.
  • Robert Tapper (Canada) had it 114-112 to Fury.
  • Phil Edwards (Britain), had it 113-113.

Fury Draw with Wilder.

Deontay Wilder on the fight :

“With the 2 knockdowns I definitely won that fight. I don’t think he had control. I wasn’t hurt. I did not sit still, I was too hesitant, I started overthrowing the right hand. I was forcing my punches too much.

“I don’t know if the rematch will be my next fight but would love it to be. We need to do it again.”

Tyson Fury on the fight : 

“We are on away soil, I got knocked down twice but I still believe I won the fight. I’m showing total professionalism. Thank you for the opportunity Deontay, God bless you.

“The Gypsy King has returned. God bless America. I’m a professional athlete who loves to fight. He is a fearsome fighter. The world knows the truth. Thank you to every fan around the world.

“I’m a fighting man and Jesus has his control over me so I was never going to get knocked out. I came here tonight and fought my heart out. He is the second best heavyweight apart from me. We are both going home to our family safe.

“I’ve been away from my family for ten weeks and just want to spend some time with them over Xmas.

100% we will do the rematch. We are the best two heavyweights in the planet. There is another heavyweight who is a chicken. Anthony Joshua (AJ) where are you?”

Promoter Frank Warren on the fight :

“I thought Fury had won it by three rounds. When you think of what he has come from to be here. It is the art of hitting and not getting hit.

“I didn’t think he was going to get up from the knockdown in the 12th but at the end of the round he was pushing him back.

“It is a draw but everyone knows he won it and we will want to do a rematch. How could a fight like this not be a rematch? It is unfinished business. He won that. He won that fight and everyone knows it.

“In Britain that is an 80,000 job. Vegas will be drooling for this. When was the last time you saw a great fight in USA.

“Tyson and Deontay have livened up this decision. The best fought the best but it was not the best decision.”

Final Thoughts #WilderFury : Great Fight which most was not expecting. Exuberant was Tyson Fury. Ben Davison has done a fantastic job as a trainer. Judges terrible….again! 

Undercard Result : British heavyweight Joe Joyce claims first-round stoppage over American Joe Hanks. Go Juggernaut……

Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hearn would of been looking closely at the result of the fight which has now proved to of given us no further clue to who AJ will fight on April 13th at Wembley Stadium.

More to come…..

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